Seminar Talks

Étale fundamental groups and étale cohomology
(Ahead of Eric Ahlqvist: Massey Products and Class Field Towers)
Glasgow Algebra Pre-Seminar (GAPS) 24 May 2023
What prime is your shoelace? The answer may surprise you! (Linking, Knots and Primes) (Handwritten Notes)
Abstract: In the 1960s Barry Mazur pointed out an analogy between the behaviour of prime ideals of a number field and knots in a 3-manifold. This observation birthed the field of Arithmetic Topology, which is the study of Number Theory through this perspective. The goal of this talk is to show the audience snippets of this analogy, in particular the analogy between linking numbers of knots and the power residue symbol of primes.
Hodge Club Seminar 3 March 2023
The analogy between Knots and Primes, and a very brief introduction to Topological Quantum Field Theories (Handwritten Notes)
(Ahead of Minhyong Kim: Path Integrals and p-adic L-functions)
Glasgow Algebra Pre-Seminar (GAPS) 1 March 2023
An introduction to the étale fundamental group (Slides) GLaMS Examples Seminar 9 December 2022

Reading Groups

Separated and proper morphisms Eisenboaties 26 May 2023
Dimension Theory Eisenbuddies 17 February 2023